Why use BearHooks Wilderness 

Food Hangers?


Why buy Wilderness Food Hangers when I can hang food with a rope & a rock?

How many campers do you know who actually bear-proof their food with the rock & rope procedure? It is both time consuming and nearly impossible to throw a rock over just the right branch. BearHooks Wilderness Food Hangers are a quick & easy way to hang your food on precisely the branch you choose.

Can I get a hook high enough to raise my food at least 10 feet off the ground?

Yes! Probably the best "stick" for placing the hooks in a tree is to use your long shock-corded tent poles, folded in half. Try it yourself. You will be suprised at how high you can place the hook.

If I use my tent poles for placing the hooks, do I have to wait until after supper to set up my tent?

No. BearHooks Wilderness Food Hangers act like a pulley system. Place the hooks when you arrive at camp. After supper pulley your food (and garbage) into the air. Put up your tent whenever you like.

How long does it take to set Wilderness Food Hangers?

Several minutes at most.

How does this compare to bear-proof tubes and bear-resistant bags?

BearHooks Wilderness Food Hangers are much lighter than bear-proof containers. Bear-resistant bags have limited capacity. Both the tubes and the bags are more expensive.

Can the hooks be used for anything else?

Yes! Anything that needs hanging - sun-showers, clothes, long-hike supplies cashes, and so on. Whatever needs hanging.

Why stainless steel? Why not plastic or aluminum?

When it comes to hooks, steel beats plastic & aluminum ounce for ounce, hands down.

How do I become a retailer of BearHooks products?

Just contact us, and we will provide you with all the information.

BearHooks Wilderness Food Hangers - good for you, good for the trees, good for the bears!