BearHooks Tips

1) Use your tent pole or a hiking staff to set your BearHooks Wilderness Hangers. When you add a 6 to 7 foot tent pole or hiking staff to an average 7 to 8 foot arms-extended reach of the human body, that's as much as 15 feet! When using a flexible arching-style tent pole, double it over for the needed strength.

2) As you raise your BearHooks hangers into place, hold on to the rope. This will give you added control.

3) Set your Wilderness Hangers before pitching your tent. You may need your tent poles to set your BearHooks hangers!

4) Attach a carabineer to your stuff bag. It makes hanging it much more convenient.

5) The ideal branch size for hanging your BearHooks hangers is 1 to 2 inches in diameter (2.5 to 5 cm). The branch can be as big as 3.5 inches (9 cm) and still hold the rated 25 lb. For maximum strength set your BearHooks hangers over the top of the branch, not from beneath.

6) Line your stuff sack with a plastic bag, and put all scented items in the plastic before raising the sack. The plastic will help to hide the scent.

7) Hang your garbage the same way. Garbage often has more smells than unprepared food.

8)Using Wilderness Hangers is not only easy, it's safer for the trees. Using BearHooks eliminates the friction damage caused by using a rope alone.

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